Saturday, September 24, 2011

RVR's 2011 Emmys Top 10 Best/Worst Dressed Men

Below are my picks for the top 10 best and worst dressed of the 2011 Emmy's. In general, this year's menswear was less inspiring than in the past. Some disappointing red carpet grooming and dress trends included: 3 to 4-day unshaven facial hair on most; ties with loose knots hanging below collar; unpressed slacks; disproportioned shirt collars, tie widths and lapels....and my favorite one - black tux, black shirt, black tie?

Top 10 Best Dressed:1)Jon Hamm 2)Rob Lowe 3)Jim Parsons 4)John Krasinski 5)Mario Lopez 6) Will Arnett 7) Charlie Sheen 8) David Boreanaz 9)Wilmer Valderrama 10) Rico Rodriguez.

Exquisite Double Breasted Tux
and Porportionately Wide Bow Tie

Classically Elegant

Clean! Great Bow Tie & Vest

Simply Perfect

Nice Touch with Pocket Square

Yes, boring can also be elegant!

Beautiful Tie

Good Lapel/bow tie porportions

Only guy who can pull off such a skinny tie/lapel combo

Rico, Excellent Dash of Blue!

Top Worst Dressed: 1)Ashton Kutcher 2)Joel McHale 3) Seal 4) Danny Arroyo 5) LL Cool J 6) Cory Monteith 7) Alan Cumming 8) Jesse Tyler 9) Adam Scott 10) George RR Martin

Ashton - 1970s terrorist going to a disco

Joel's audition for Barbershop Quartet

Seal we know you're cool stop trying so hard

Red Carpet, Not red Tie

Coming from a baby shower

Baby brother's tux and bow tie


Pitiful bow tie

Just rolled out of bed and pulled pants and bow tie out of the dryer

This either took a lot of work to put together or none at all


  1. She had put the Tony a2z Prizes many some time, and by the beginning '90s had been selected for an Emmy more than a number of instances.

  2. It's not really good to look bad at these prestigious events, you know when press are opting to see stars with their best outfits. There are many fashion experts/ consultants and why are there some who fail? Just wondering.

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  4. It varies from person to person and not country to country.

  5. 3 to 4-day unshaven facial beard on most; connections with loose troubles clinging below collar; unpressed slacks; disproportioned clothing collars for dogs, tie sizes and lapels....and my favorite one - dark tux, dark clothing, dark tie?