Saturday, November 20, 2010

Men Skill #10 - Keep The Girl!

Excerpt from Men: 10 Essential Skills by RVR

Now that you 'got the girl', make sure you hold on to her. Follow some RVR tips below:

• Be an occasional devil’s advocate. She will get bored
quickly if you are always agreeable. Share your point of
view and present your rationale. She will respect you and
enjoy the challenge.

• Surprise her with small gestures of kindness. For example,
send a book from one of her favorite authors with a handwritten
note from you in the inside cover. Surprise her
with a ride home from work one day. Try to think of one
thoughtful gesture each week.

• Respect. Never disregard her feelings or desires. Make her
feel like she is your focal point.

• Make a huge deal about her birthday and Valentine’s Day.
You do not have to spend a lot of money. It is more about
taking the time to plan and making her feel special. You
are lucky that you have her in your life, so show her your

• Buy her jewelry. No, you did not misread this. You think
that is a shallow idea? Trust me: All women like jewelry.
Don’t let the personal aspect of jewelry turn you off from
buying it. The key is to figure out what she likes, what she
has, and what she wants. let me repeat this, because men
tend to get this wrong: figure out what she likes. Buying
jewelry is personal, which is why you should take the time
to know what she likes. A good trick is to take a mental
note of the jewelry she wears. Does she prefer gold or silver?
Does she like pearls or does she like handcrafted, ethnic
jewelry? For her next gift, buy her a piece that
compliments what she already has, i.e., if she loves to wear
a pearl necklace then buy her a pearl bracelet. Women love
to show off their new jewelry, not because they are materialistic
but because they want to show their friends that
they have a man who thinks about them and appreciates
them. You can buy a simple sterling silver bracelet or locket
for less than two tickets to a baseball game.

• If you watch football on Sundays and baseball on weeknights,
encourage her to watch with you. If she is not a fan,
pause the game after a great play or a lousy call and explain
it to her. She will either get into the game and want to
watch more with you, or never want to see another one.
Either way, it’s win/win.

• Give her a break. You just spent half the day on the golf
course with your buddies. When you get home, offer to
make dinner or take the kids to a movie.

• Find a new activity that neither one of you have tried and
sign up for lessons together. Perhaps you can take a winetasting
course and make it your date night. Regina and I
took an Italian class, followed by dinner at an Italian
restaurant on Wednesday nights. It was a great escape and
wonderful way to reconnect during the week.

• Exercise together. Even if it is only once a week, go to the
gym or on a bike ride together.

• Maintain the passion. Remember to always make time for
intimacy. Nothing will unite you more. Do not go for long
periods of time without sharing a quiet—or perhaps
wild—moment together.

Great Romantic Comedy Movies
It Happened One Night. (1934) Director: Frank Capra.
Cast: Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Walter Connolly

Moonstruck. (1987) Director: Norman Jewison.
Cast: Cher, Nicholas Cage, Olympia Dukakis, Vincent
Gardenia, Danny Aiello

When Harry Met Sally. (1989) Director: Rob Reiner.
Cast: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan

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