Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's that time again - Black Tie Season. Here's all you need to know to tying a bow tie ahead of your next formal event

Bow ties are usually limited to weddings and other formal
events, which is why most of us struggle with them. We don’t
get to practice. Yes, even I, a tie guy, struggle with tying a perfect
bow tie.

Step 1. Set one end of tie about 1½ inches below the other

Step 2. Cross the longer end over the shorter end and
through the loop between your shirt and bow tie.

Step 3. Form the front loop of the bow by doubling up the
shorter hanging end and place across the collar points.

Step 4.Hold the front between your index finger and thumb.
Drop the long end down over the front.

Step 5. Pass the hanging part up behind the front loop.

Step 6. Push the resulting loop through the knot behind the
front loop.

Step 7. Gently pull the bow at both folded ends to tighten
the knot.

You are now ready to "Tie One On!"

Happy Holidays from RVR


  1. I'm a fan of bow ties right now - currently, they're appropriate for more than just a black-tie affair. Your directions are great - here's a video I found if a visual would help, too.

  2. Thanks for the great directions! It is hard to find really nice bow ties in the stores, I have found 2 great websites that have great quality all silk bow ties: and

  3. Jack, thanks for the video very helpful, RVR

  4. Anonymous, thanks very hard to find a great quality bowtie. I will check out your suggestions. Our bowties will be offered on the site soon, but only formalwear black/white/silver bowties. The only place in NY that I have found of comparable quality is Seigo-upper east side and reasonable.