Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Add Color and Personality to Your Summer Wardrobe with Pocket Squares!

Pocket squares, the epitome of elegance, are often the unsung heroes of a great suit. All too often, men simply forget about pocket squares or shy away from them because they are daunted by the idea of matching and folding pocket squares. However, not only can pocket squares add an unexpected pop of color, but they can also pull a suit together like no other accessory can. When selecting pocket squares to enhance your summer suits, create an overall cohesive look by coordinating your tie and pocket square. If your tie is patterned, choose a pocket square that highlights one of the hues from the tie’s pattern; if your tie is solid, chose a pocket square of a similar shade that creates some contrast between the tie, shirt, and square. Although these general tips should serve as guidelines for more formal suits paired with elegant silk pocket squares like those found at http://rvrneckwear.com, the guidelines for pairing blazers and casual summer suits and pocket squares are much looser. One of this summer’s most fashionable yet wearable trends in menswear is the classic khaki summer suit with a bold splash of color from a pocket square. With khaki and other light, casual summer suits, feel free to be adventurous when choosing a pocket square; bright, unexpected hues tend to work well with these summer suits, and they are easy to pull off with the right pocket square.

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