Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RVR's Top 5 Best Dressed Men!

Although his character in the Hangover is disheveled and discombobulated throughout both films, Bradley is rarely caught looking anything short of impeccably dressed and well put-together. Each suit he wears is beautifully tailored, luxurious, and unique. Bradley's taste in suits and ties has only continued to impress millions as his fame spread around the world.


This multi-platinum rapper's unique sense of style certainly has evolved and matured since the days of his "99 Problems." Jay-Z, one of the world's most famous and celebrated artists, made the list of RVR's list of best dressed men for wearing consistently elegant suits and gorgeous ties but always adding a twist to make each suit unmistakeably Jay-Z.

Justin Timberlake:

No longer dressing like a turn-of-the-millenium boy band star, JT has risen to the top of Hollywood's best dressed men list since he swapped his neon track suits and oversized gold chains for well-tailored suits and fedoras. Although he typically sticks to skinny ties, Justin has begun to mature in terms of his fashion sense by dabbling in more conservative suits while maintaining a quirky, distinctive style.

Matt Lauer:

Matt Lauer is one of the very few men who can look so elegant and incredibly dapper at 7 am every weekday morning. Every morning, America wakes up to find Matt in yet another impeccable, perfectly tailored suit and understatedly elegant tie. His suits are consistently of the highest quality without ever being flashy, which helps to set him apart as one of RVR's picks for best dressed men.

Although he may not be known for his sense of style, Jimmy is a surprisingly elegant dresser. He has undoubtedly come quite far from his days of wearing absurd and hysterical costumes on SNL and now wears beautifully made suits and ties every night on his own late-night show. Jimmy's fashion sense continues to evolve as he impresses his devoted fans each night with a suit even better made than the one he wore the night before.

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